2019 Black Earth Farms LLC

Political Education and Community Organizing

Just as much as believe in the revolutionary power of growing food we believe in the power of teaching people about it. As a collective, we hold community work events where we get our hands in the soil and also engage in critical conversations about our current food systems. The discussions are aimed to create horizontal knowledge exchange and create actions plans for ways we can stand in solidarity in our fight for food sovereignty and spiritual sovereignty. Our community is our wealth. And just like our plants and our soil we know that diversity is the key to growth. The revolution is happening from the bottom up. 

William Smith, farmer and co-founder of the collective, facilitates a conversation on the importance of student activism in combating campus food insecurity. This event was held at the Chochenyo-Ohlone garden on the UC Berkeley campus. 

Next Work Day

Saturday June 8th

12 pm-4 pm

Gill Tract Community Farm

1050 San Pablo Ave,

Albany, CA

Community Workshops 

Jessica Smith, art designer for the collective, leads a healing painting instruction for UCB students in the Chochenyo-Ohlone Garden.

Every moment is a learning opportunity for everyone. We honor this at our community work events by hosting workshops dedicated to farm practices: like tree pruning, crop planning, composting, etc. But we also acknowledge that each person has something to teach us. So we open all our events to folx that are interested in leading their own workshops. Whether it be related to farming or not, we believe the spaces we create should be fostered for the growth of all facets of our life and not just food. Whether you're an artist, educator, activist, medicinal herbalist, and/or healer you have something to offer us. Please contact us to coordinate workshops and performances for our events.