Berkeley Edible Foodscaping Projects 

Before & after photos of gardens we implemented while UC students.

Marielle Franco Garden

This garden, dedicated to Marielle Franco, Brazilian politician, human rights activists, and feminist, is located next to Mulford Hall. This garden is as an example of our Guerrilla Garden work on campus. It also represents a student green space created by and for BIPOC students and other student groups marginalized on campus. This is why all our campus gardens are completely student created and maintained. 

Chochenyo-Ohlone Garden

This garden is located next to Barker Hall and is dedicated to the Chochenyo-Ohlone people- the original inhabitants of the land UC Berkeley is on. We honor the tribal territory that is Huchuin Village and we want to stand in solidarity with native people and remember the injustices that UC Berkeley must be held accountable for. Campus museums currently withhold over 9,000 Ohlone remains found during the construction of this campus. We fight for reparations for black, brown, and indigenous people everywhere 

Fannie Lou Hamer Garden

This garden is dedicated to Fannie Lou Hamer- a black feminist sharecropper in the post-antebellum south who pushed for the rights of black people after slavery- specifically their right to access land. Black people in America, forced to work in the plantations during the years of slavery, are now disproportionately affected by food security and diet-related illnesses. The Fannie Lou Hamer garden was created by black students in the Spring of 2018 to reclaim their right to grow healthy and culturally relevant food.

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