COMMUNITY supported AGRoecology (CSA)


Agroecology is an agricultural practice based on ecological principles and indigenous knowledge. It’s also coupled with social movements of peasants, indigenous folks, Black folks, fisher folks, migrant workers, and rural & urban peoples across the globe struggling for agrarian reform, water, clean air, and food sovereignty. The largest one being La Vía Campesina. For more information about agroecology you can check out this video and read this training manual. In solidarity with these movements and peoples, we grow food for our community. 

We can plug you with a box of freshly-harvested, nutritious food grown in living soil. This box is available for pick up or delivery in Occupied Ohlone Territory (The East Bay, California). Each CSA box can feed a family of 4-5 or 2 heavy veggie eaters for about one week. We are open to adjusting the size of your box based on you or your family’s needs. Right now we are prioritizing folks who have been put out of work by COVID-19, folks with low income, folks with no income, Black folks that are experiencing racialized police terrorism, LGBTQIA+ folks, food insecure and/or housing insecure folks, and organizers and organizations working towards the liberation of oppressed peoples.


Most of the food in the box is grown agroecologically by us, and we will indicate which food items we grew. We don't use any chemical pesticides or fertilizers to grow our food! Some of the food we distribute comes from other local farms and solidarity organizations we work closely with. We cannot guarantee that any of that food is pesticide free. It is a common misconception that "organic" means chemical-free. We are open to crafting your box with your dietary preferences in mind. 

We offer a sliding scale payment method which means you pay what you can! Keeping in mind a justice and reparations framework for folks who have access to secure and stable housing and income. Our patreon has our pricing structure. After you sign up for a box, you will be directed there to pay. if you can afford the higher end of the sliding scale, it directly subsidizes boxes for those who can’t afford it.


If you know somebody who needs food who can’t pay anything, please direct them to us--we can slide them a free box. 


We're currently reorganizing our food distribution process and will drop the sign up form links asap! stay tuned!


What is in a CSA box?


The produce in our boxes is all seasonal and local. We also add in herbs and herbal medicine to help folx boost their immune system in a natural way. each box will likely be different then the next box as produce availability changes seasonally, and on a week to week basis. 

To the left shows an example of some fo the produce that might be in your box! nowadays we have a lot of grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and other dried goods in the boxes!